Friday, April 22, 2011

This has nothing to do with creativity---but at least it is a post. Last night I had the opportunity to attend our school district's Teacher of the Year banquet. In November I was chosen as the teacher of the year for our school. The Teacher of the Year from each school then has to fill out some paperwork and a District Teacher of the Year is chosen based on their merits and what they have written. I did not receive the District Teacher of the Year, it went to a well-deserving teacher I have taught with who has a lot more experience than I do. It was kind of neat to hear about all of the teachers and their accomplishments. I didn't enjoy having to stand in front of everyone and be talked about by my principal. But---I am very grateful to be a teacher 98% of the time and I love what I do. I love to learn and hope that I can pass that on to my students each year. I won't lie---it is a LOT of work and you invest a lot of money, mental, and emotional energy. Unfortunately, teachers don't get a lot of thanks or recognition. So---teacher appreciation week is the first week of May---do something for your teacher---maybe even a former teacher. You can't imagine how much a thank you means to a teacher---even if it is just a card.

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  1. Congrats! From what I hear, you are an amazing teacher. You are always doing special things for the kids.