Saturday, January 24, 2015

Megan's Closet

Most of the closet for this room was already done. We made the closet organizer last year, we bought the drawers from ikea and then built everything around it. The big problem with this room was when we took the bed out we lost all of her storage, and she had a lot of stuff. It took us a long time to go through her stuff and get rid of a lot of it. It is pretty nice know with the baskets. The labels I found at TJ max, they chalkboard so she can change them up if she puts other things in the basket.
The second coolest thing in the room is the jewelry organizer. It is made from an old kitchen drawer, we ended up being really lucky because Eric was tearing out cabinet in a house and he had one the right size. We found the know at Hobby Lobby.
I can't take any credit for this one, Ashley made it. She painted the outside of the drawer grey and then the inside white. She had to distress it a lot on the inside. It is really cute.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Teen Bedroom redo

Megan has finally grown out of her bunk desk. We have loved having it and it has provided a ton of storage so I have been pretty reluctant to redo it and take the bed out of her room. This year she turned 13 and I figured that I should make the move and get her a new bed. Only problem was we couldn't just get a new bed, we had to do the entire bedroom. The first thing that we had to do was the ceiling. We have popcorn ceiling in our house so as we redo rooms, we have scrapped off the ceiling and made it smooth. Next up was the floor, we have a lot of wood floor sitting out in our garage so we went ahead and used it on her room. She had carpet in there that was absolutely disgusting.
After talking with Megan she told me she wanted her room to be pink and some blue. Well we really wanted it to be a teenage room so we went with Coral and turquoise. This is the material that we found at Hobby Lobby and used as our base colors.
The only other requirements for the room were a desk and a chair. The chair was a pretty specific kind, we used the desk that was in her room previously. I think that it turned out very nice and she loves it. She is always in her room now.
The main thing that I wanted was if she wanted to change the colors that it would be pretty easy. We went with a white bedspread and then had matching pillows made.
My mom made the coral pillow with material that we bought at Joann's. I really like it. Then we had her cover the lamp shade with the same material. The end table we found at a thrift store, bonus was that it was already painted the color we needed. The Wake up and Be Awesome sign was done by my mom and Ashley. It is out of pallet boards and then framed. The most awesome thing about the room is the light.
Mini chandelier spray painted with coral. I must admit here that I didn't want to put this in the room, but my decorating partner disagreed. It is Megan's favorite part. Because this post is so full of pictures come back again and I will have another post with her closet

Monday, January 5, 2015

Student Birthdays-Have a 'Scent'sational birthday

I always have a hard time figuring out what to give my students for their birthdays. With the new regulations regarding treats in the classroom, this year I had to really search for something that wasn't candy. I was shopping before school started and found these Scentos pens and markers. They were perfect--the kids love them. As a bonus, they were regularly only $1 and I got an extra teacher discount.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Young Women Monogram Block

We wanted to give the girls something for Evening in Excellence and I had seen a really cute idea on...Pinterest {of course}. You printed on burlap, so that had my attention because I love to try new things.

I followed the directions for printing on burlap here. It wasn't quite as easy as I had hoped it would be. The printing was actually pretty simple, but making an individualized letter for each girl was a little work intensive since the value words didn't fit exactly in each letter.

I painted the blocks of wood (5x7). Then mod podged the burlap on, hot glued the burlap rosette and they were finished. The girls really liked them because they were different.