Friday, April 15, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference Dinner

As part of Merlynn's duties on PTO, she does the dinner for April Parent Teacherr Conferences. We try to make it a little bit nicer and more fun--I promise--you need a pick-me-up after conferencing with 20 parents. We went with bright pink and orange this year. Aside from the food, the teachers will each get a little box that has a couple of candies. I took mailing labels, put digital paper on it, then added Thanks in a different language. In each box we added a small quote, then tied it up with a bow. Simple--but lets them know we care.
These are the decorations, just something a little extra to sit there.
This is done on a canvas, then I cut words out of vinyl. Adding a big pink daisy.

This is a vase that has words dealing with writing cut out of vinyl all over it. The flowers will have a pen attached to them. Note:  this thing is cute---but kind of a pain to make.

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