Thursday, September 27, 2012

I "Moustache You a Question"

Wow!! It's been a while--but I've been plenty busy. It's hard to believe we have only been in school for one month. And what a month it has been!!! I didn't really want to follow our school wide theme outside my classroom this year, so I just did something fun. And it was a HIT! Moustaches are a pretty big deal right now. So--when I was at The Wood Connection, I bought a wooden moustache, which I then used  to take pictures of my kids with. They LOVED this. I had them write an I AM poem to go with their picture. I made a super cute sign to hang above it that said ... "I Moustache you a Question...Who Are You?" Then, at the end of the day with their papers to go home to their parents, I had cut out a moustache which I slid onto a striped green paper straw---again--they loved it. Who knew all it would take was a straw and some black paper cut into the shape of a moustache. Here are my pictures--it's in the hallway= terrible lighting= awful pictures--but you can get the idea.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jewelry Holder from a frame

When I was at The Wood Connection, they had take one of their fun frames and made it into a jewelry holder. I thought it was so cute. For Relief Society this past week, we made several things to donate to the Christmas Council and this was one of them. My mom made the frames, we put wire in them, then rounded up a bunch of miscellaneous knobs, which we spray painted. I think it turned out pretty cute. You could hand earrings on the wire and necklaces off the knobs.

Monday, September 10, 2012


To kind of make everything work together we had my mom make some pillows to go on the bed. I got a few ideas from the internet and also just from looking around at other pillows in the store. The flower one is the one found off the internet, I am not sure which site. My mom just made one big ruffle and then kept turning it until it made a flower. The one with the ribbon I saw in Target and really like it. The pillows match the entire room and make it look really cute. On one of the walls we added this and I love how it turned out, now if I can keep her from playing with it and knocking it of the ceiling. Next up it the other wall and the super cool closet organizer.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Paint Color

Like I said the paint colors came from the skirt that she loved to wear. I knew that I would like to paint her room turquoise but I didn't really know what her comforter would look like. So first thing we did was actually pick out the bedding, we bought it at Target. I then went to Pro Paint and had them match the color and they had this really cool tool that they stamped on the skirt and then it told them which one was closes to the color from there I picked the one I liked best. I really like how this turned out but I should mention here that I wanted to paint the closet white. I didn't feel like investing a lot more in to the room but I did as I was told and went with the pink and I am so glad I did, it really added a ton to the room. Another thing of importance is that we had only one week to get this done and that was the week of fair so not only were we redoing a bedroom, but Megan was busy with her sheep at the fair. We also got rid of the ugly green carpet, that was also worth the investment.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Project

I have decided that when ever I want to do a project if I am going to tell Ashley and Steve I better plan on it being bigger than what I had in mind. This is one of those projects, I was just going to paint the wall and add a closet organizer, and it turned into much more than that. This is the closet with everything shoved in it anywhere. I might add that this is Ashlynn's room and she can't seem to keep it very clean. I decided that if we added a few nice things it would help give her a place for everything. This is the nice ugly green carpet and the wall color that we originally painted when we moved into the house. On top of this nice look, imagine popcorn ceiling. These are the colors that I picked for the room, found from a skirt that she wears all the time. I actually took this skirt into Propaint and had them match the color.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Olympic Games

This year we decided that our girls were old enought to understand and appreciate the olympics a little bit. So to help them we held our own Olympics, and let the girls plan the games. They had a lot of fun, even making medals for each of us to wear when we finished and event. We made this torch from a tall glass at the dollar store and a little bit of tissue paper and a napkin. It turned out really cute and they loved marching around with it. I got the idea of a a blog but can't remember which one.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My adventure...

I had a really awesome one-in-a lifetime opportunity this week. Unfortunately, I can't quite give ALL the details just yet... But it is so COOL and I am beyond excited.

On Thursday I took a little this corporate jet.

It only seated 6 people, plus the pilot and another seat in the cockpit. We flew out of Burley, which is a very unique experience itself. The plane was very nice and the landings and take-off were great--it was really fast.

We met in a corporate office and saw some really cool things and we are getting an opportunity of a lifetime. (I can tell you more on Friday)

And...I got to meet Kristin Armstrong, gold medal cyclist from Boise. She was really nice and very inspiring. I got to hold the gold medal, it was really heavy.