Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cake Mixes are DONE

...well, almost.

I just need to finish the little card to go in the pocket and the clothespins...then they will be done..and then they will no longer take up so much of my space---and that makes me happy!!

Picture Play

So... I decided to play with the pictures a little, since it's been a while. Someday I'm going to really figure out what I'm doing (when I have more time).
This is adding a color pop

This one is supposed to brighten the eyes (I really don't think I have this down yet)

This is a vintagey look

And this one was just for's supposed to be a Polaroid look--it's definitely grainy looking. It's just fun to play around with...and a note to self--wear foundation when you're going to have your picture taken--it would improve you skin a lot---and don't wear shorts either!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Pictures

It has been awhile since I have posted anything so I thought I could post some pictures that we went out and took to practice for the wedding we are suppose to take. The main thing that I am working on is the lighting because the wedding is at 11:00 so pictures will be at noon, the other really important thing I am trying to get down is the manual focus, for some reason this is a little bit tricky for me. Ashley was my practice person and we found a few other place that we could take pictures at. We really like the blue wall. The picture of Ashley is one of the best that I took that afternoon.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Cards

I have finished two more cards, only one more to make for the pack.
...don't pay attention to the poor quality of the picture (laziness). And yes, we (Mom and I) tied all of those ribbons, there are five on a card, and 48 cards, so that is 240 little knots and bow...serious pain in the behind. I am happy to say that, for doing so many, they still turned out cute.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My new toy!!

I feel like I haven't gotten much accomplished least there isn't much to show for it. I had to take a minute to play with my new gadget, it's a hands-free thing to go with my Slice. It was SOOOO nice---no more having to hold it in place and I really like the larger cutting mat. I needed it a couple weeks ago when I cut out 40 scallopped circles and had to hold it for each one.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Starting projects for the Auction

I am excited about a couple of things I am making for our reunion auction.  Since my sewing machine is in the shop, I tried to get everything cut out yesterday so as soon as I have a sewing machine, I can get started.  One pile - the squares will be turned into "rag purses/bags" and the other pile will be turned into aprons - big and little. 
I just hope I can get them all done in time.  I'll post again when they are actually made up.
I decided that I had better work up a few of the bracelets that we will be putting together for the Christmas council at the family reunion. I think that these turned out kind of cute and now I have an idea what I still need to get. I think that I am most creative when under pressure.

Wraparound Skirt

When we were in the Gathering Place the other day, they had this really cute little girl's wraparound skirt, so I convinced Mom to make one. We bought some cute fabric there, and then more at JoAnn's to make some to take to the auction. This was the trial run (with the cheaper fabric). I think it turned out pretty cute, it just needs a few adjustments.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Okay my creativity for the day is having to mess with blogger for way too long. When I created this blog, it was very different from my classroom blog, but I didn't have time to mess with it. Well, today there was a big mess with all the blog backgrounds, so I decided to fix it up. I think my blog header didn't turn out too bad. I made about 6 of them before I got the size right---It's 13 inches across for a 3-column layout. When you know what you're doing, it's not too bad. But, it took me a little while to figure out what I was doing.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

a couple more finished projects

I finally put together my other ice cream sundae basket for the auction. I like it a lot better than the last one--what would we do without dollar store baskets? I just need to buy some more sprinkles and mini M&Ms.

I like to give my students something for their birthday--that way I remember to acknowledge their birthdays. I gave a pop last year and the kids really liked it, so I decided to do it again. I didn't really love my tag though, so I made a new one. I printed 27--even punched them out already. Now I just need to buy some curly ribbon and put them all on the pop so I have them ready to go. Yeah--this is way organized for me--last year I had to give a few without tags because I didn't have them printed.

Washer Necklaces

I've just been doing odds and ends this week while I am waiting for more paper to finish all the cake mix boxes and cards. So today, I thought I would try to clean off my cupboards and finish some projects. I made some necklaces out of washers to take to the auction, we might also be adding these to the things we are going to make for the Christmas council. The two smaller ones just have scrapbook paper on them and then and expoxy like glaze, it called for Diamond Glaze, but I used whatever Michael's had (Merlynn has it right now so I don't know exactly what it's called). The bigger one I really like, it just has ribbon wrapped around it, I think it turned out really cute. Is it obvious I have a thing for polka dots and brown? I'll probably make some more in fun, bright colors to take also.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Easy Summer time gift

Super easy. I bought the bucket at the Dollar store and then the Otter pops and added the saying. I also did two for Steve's home teaching kids that are having birthday's this month. Now the problem is will he take them. They say I hope you have a COOL birthday.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Card #2

I have had a serious love/hate with this particular card. I saw one done like this really cute--loved it--couldn't find the exact paper, of course. So, I decided to find some out of what I had on hand--enter the HATE for the card. Nope, I didn't like it at all. With mom's encouragement I kept going on the card though and finished it up--I really LOVED how it turned out. Then I had to cut paper for 48, and round the corners, and glue 6 little pieces to each card, and cut the star and flowers, then sew it, then tie the strings off and then tie thread through the buttons and glue them on. For a day--serious HATE of this card. Now they are all finished and I think I will LOVE it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Card #1

I have been working on this card for several days and finally finished all 48 of them this afternoon. They turned out pretty cute--this is a pretty dark picture, but I was too lazy to retake it after I realized I needed to change my white balance. Maybe that's why I don't get better at taking pictures, because I'm lazy. One card down, only 4 more to go--which is really 192!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

more cake mixes

I have finished up the cake mixes that I have stuff for right now. This is a little more than half that we have to do. I'm not putting this front pocket on until we use them so they don't get smashed up, I have those done also. I just love the fun, bright colors.

My Blog into a Book

I got the book I ordered that turned my classroom blog into a book this week. It leaves a lot to be desired as far as the creativity of the front cover, but I didn't spend very much time. I think it is REALLY cool to have it printed and be able to look at it.

Rub ons and Gifts

I didn't have too much time but I did make this cute bucket, look even cuter in less than a hour.  I used some rub ons I have kicking around .  The bucket came from the dollar store.  Fast and easy!

The other picture is of some little cell bags I made for the ladies in my stamp clubs this year.  They are full of ribbon and buttons.  Just a potpourri of embellishments for them to use.  The little tag is from the new Stampin' Up! Ronald McDonald House Charities stamp set. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

..this is a process

This is the start of the birthday cake mixes for teacher appreciation. I cut all of the paper yesterday and scored it during school today, so tonight when I sat to put the paper on it went pretty fast. This is just a little more than half of them. They still need quite a bit of work, but I just want to get them all finished so I don't have to go back and do more later in the year.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

..another card

This month our Relief Society is in charge of the Extended Care weekly Relief Society meetings. On the second Tuesday, you have to take a craft or some activity for them to do. Of course, I got the job. I made up a really easy card that they can put together and then send to someone.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Levi Apron

This is Cinda and mom's creation. It is a apron made out of a pair of levi's. She made it for a idea to do for Super Saturday.

Ice Cream Sundae Basket

One of the people I go visiting teaching to has a birthday on Tuesday. Her husband is not a member and I can imagine how hard it must be for her to come to church. She has two of the cutest little girls. I like taking little things to her and her girls. So, I made a little ice cream sundae kit. I bought some really bright and fun bowls at Target, an ice cream scoop, I put fabric on the top of the fudge and strawberry jars. For the toppings, I used baby food jars, which I spray painted the lids (I would not be an expert on spray painting). I cleaned out a really small Haagen Das ice cream container, wrapped paper around it and I'm putting in a couple bucks to buy ice cream. Then I put it all in a basket. I bought enough stuff to make one for the auction also.

The Flats

Mom has been working on this fabric paper dolls for a couple weeks. She has finished one set, including the bag they go in. I think they are too cute!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pink Pin wheels

They were made with scrapbook paper. I cut the paper about 4.5 x 4.5 so they are not really that big. For the center I attached a button. I used a brad to hold the corners together. For the handle I put a piece of white paper layered on top of the patterned paper. I think they would make a really cute center piece on a table or I also thought they would make a cute cup cake topper.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creative for yesterday included this. Yesterday I needed to go and take some picture of this girl at work. I was a little worried about doing it so Steve went out with me and tried to help. This is a picture working on focus and depth of field. Kind of a gross picture but totally captured what we were experimenting on. The blurred chicken is in front of the rooster.

A little of everything

I have been a little anxiety ridden this week as summer school is coming to a close and the start of the new school year is comer closer. I have about one month from the end of summer school to when I HAVE to be back to school for the new year. I have quite a few things that I really need to get done in that time and I'm not sure I can get it all done. When did I start getting so stressed? (funny, I know!) So to day I decided to make a cute to-do list and put down on paper some of the things I know I need to get done. When I went to write it down, it didn't seem like too much, but I still feel overwhelmed. Once I start to cross things off I will feel better though.
I have been doing several things the past few days. Yesterday I had to help Kim do a scrapbook page for a book her family is putting together for her mom, but I didn't even think about taking a picture of it. Last night I went with Merlynn to take some pictures of one of her co-worker's daughters. So, today I did a little photoshopping to the pictures. I'll post a few below.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I've been busy

This is what my countertop looked like on Sunday night, it is my evidence that I was working on STUFF.

These are several cards that I did today. I don't really care for the red one, but it's growing on me a little bit. I made them to use for the teacher appreciation set of cards, but as I look at them now, they all look kind of the same. I don't think they look like the cards we did for this year, but I don't remember because I didn't get any!!!

Mom put together a frame for my letter J out of crayons. I redid it because I had a few smudges on it. I made it smaller also. It looks nice in a frame, but I have a few issues with how I glued the crayons down on this one, so if we make them to hang outside each classroom, I will probably redo it again. Mom and I also decided the frame needed to be about 1/2 inch smaller across.

I also finished a few other odds and ends. I worked on my student engagement cards for my Rolodex, just need to cut them, and type more. It was a very productive day--too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Playing with Pictures

Trying to figure out the "eye thing" is going to drive me NUTS!!! I have spent soo much time on this. There has got to be an easier way. I did one and it looked like she had alien eyes. This is the best that I have been able to get so far....and I have NO CLUE how I did it!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Megan made this flag when we got home from the parade. With a little imagination we can make anything.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 4th July

This was super fun to make. The red around the circle is tissue paper and we used stickles for the glitter around the star. The one we saw was attached to a jumbo pixie stick but I couldn't find them so I bought a nerd rope instead.