Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fill a Bucket

This month in school, we are really working hard on showing kindness. Every teacher read the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? to their class. It is a really cute book about how we all have a bucket and when we do kind things for other people--we fill their buckets. When we do or say mean things, then we are dipping into others' buckets. We are encouraging our kids to be kinder (which they need  alot of reminders this time of the school year). We have slips of paper that they can write down when they see someone else do something kind---they can't write about themselves--and they aren't supposed to do it to receive recognition. Then they take their slip of paper and tack it to the board on the door. Every day, or couple days, I take them off and put them in our bigger pink bucket.  I have noticed a lot of kids are quicker to help someone else and I am more consciously watching to see kids who are doing good things. They are really into it right now--as someone dropped their pencil box today and their stuff went flying---several kids rushed in to help pick it all up.
I took a tin pail from the Target dollar bin, cut it in half, and then hot glued it to a cork board I found in the closet. I cut my letters from vinyl and my Silhouette. I just shoved some tissue paper in the pail to give it more color.

 A few of the notes they've been putting up.

 This is out collection bucket--again bucket from Target and then I just used some dimensional stickers I had. the frame sitting on it used to be on my classroom door, but i had to move it. It has chalkboard vinyl in it so I can change what it says--I'm putting quotes about being kind.
This is a really cute flower made from wood--Nope I didn't make it---I got it for my birthday. Love the polka dots.

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