Monday, April 18, 2011

A long time ago we painted our front room blue. Steve has never liked the color, and I haven't really done anything with it. Well like I said in the last post for some reason the easy three day project has ran through our entire house and the Front room is no exception.

I have never really know what to do with the brick walls but have finally done something with them. On one side I did a clock wall and on the other side a canvas wall.

In the picture of the canvas the paper is where they will go and the canvas are on a stand on the piano right now

We have added new curtains and art work that really adds to the room. In between two closets doors I had Ashley make a family rule sign. It turned out really good. I had an Ikea frame and really like how it looks

This came from Bed, Bath and Beyond, I love going in that store.

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