Friday, January 11, 2013

Classroom Redo

I gave my classroom a little face lift over Christmas break. With all the new technology in my classroom, the "old" technology went to other schools, which also meant that a lot of tables and chairs were able to be removed. There is a lot more space, and it makes everything look bigger. So, I decided I would add an extra space for my students to sit at. I added a rug, and more pillows.

 This is the only table I have left in my room (so happy!) I just seem to push it from corner to corner, so I decided to dress it up a bit and see if I would be able to leave it alone. I just made a little table runner, then put a bucket with markers, post-its and cloth to clean our iPads. Then I moved my turquoise chair by it. It's amazing...the table hasn't bothered me one bit and the kids sit there to work now.
I moved my original reading corner to the front of the room, 
 which meant I had to redo my wall of quotes. I took down about half of them because I wanted to use a magnet board I've had forever and never used. I had to get new frames because they are now on a cinderblock wall, so I had to use a fancy frame. Overall, the kids were happy with the changes and so was I. I think everybody needs a bright, colorful change in January.