Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Over..

School...that is.
This has been a very interesting year. I have been SOOO busy with school things all year, that I don't think I have accomplished much else. It's good for it to be over. That is one thing I like about teaching school, you get to have a break and start over again. I am looking forward to a nice summer---with no summer school :) I will be going to several classes and a I have quite a bit of school "work" that I have to get done this summer, but I am hoping that I can find time to do some fun and crafty things. The last week of school, we made slime---which was a huge hit. We did learn that Neon food coloring makes AWESOME colored slime--but it also stains your hands really bad. I got the recipe for my slime from Steve Spangler's website.
One of my girls made this for me out of her slime---made my day.

Teacher Appreciation Doors

This is the door that Merlynn did this year. Funny story here. We were working on the "backdrop" when all the other parents were putting up their doors, but we had hers done in my classroom so we weren't worried about it, we just needed to tape it up. Well---the door right next to it--had the EXACT same thing on it. Now---Merlynn was perfectly fine with that---not me (especially since theirs was cuter). So, we brainstormed for a couple hours of what we could do and came up with this. We used tissue paper to make the rainbow. I think it turned out pretty cute--for only taking maybe 30 minutes and one serious glue gun burn,
This is my classroom door. I LOVED it. The mother who did it wanted to "borrow" my class for 15 minutes---SURE!!! She had each of my students write a note to me on the flower petal, many of them drew pictures also.
Then she arranged it all on the door. I know it took her a while to do it and it was so personal. I didn't take it down until the last day of school and then I sat and read each note again.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

I made this little flower arrangement to go out by Steve mom's grave. There isn't a headstone yet so he has wanted to keep flowers on it, so far we had had a live hanging basket but we are going to replace it with these. I think they turned out pretty good, i just hope the flowers stay in against the wind.
Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Graduation Gift

What do you give a boy for graduation that isn't going to school right off, and isn't moving away. I saw this idea on Pinterest and tried to find who did it but couldn't. I made the saying and added pattern paper and I think it turned out okay.
To make it even better we siliconed the back of the frame she he can't just open it up and take the money out.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

End of year Teacher gift

This is the last teacher gift of the year. I saw these on pinterest and thought they would be easy and cute for the last day of school. They are nutter butter cookies and frosting the little candy on the end is a mini M&M. I am starting to feel sad that I am done with all of these little projects but I know that Steve is not sad at all. He just rolls his eyes when I get out all the ribbon and crafty stuff,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Johnson Family Pictures

Kim has been wanting to get pictures of her kids for a long time. Our first attempt from a couple weeks ago didn't work out because it was too bright. Sunday night, we just went around their house..but I think we got some pretty good pictures of the kids.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hollywood Backdrop

In the past few months I have been asked to do to many back drops. One I am not really that creative, and two it is a lot of work. Well you have seen the first back drop from a few months ago, and I will say it turned out really cute. Here is teh second back drop. It was for the 4th grade music program and we had only a week to do. I should add here that I most certainly did not do most of the work. Steve and Ashley did most of it. You should take special not of the Mary Poppins and the cat posters, they were free hand painted.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Project

I am so excited about my Mother's Day project for school this year. I love them...and my kids were so excited because when I made my trio of flowers and put them in the classroom, one of their first questions was, "Do we get to make those for art?" I was like, NOOOO. Until I couldn't think of anything to make for Mother's Day and it was sitting there. I thought, why not? I loved having all 23 of them lined up in my windowsill.  I think they are so cute, so here are pictures of the different colors.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yogurt Bar


This week we did some fun things for the teachers at Declo. I hope that they enjoyed them all. It feels good to get through the week with only minor incidents. We also decorated the teachers doors and did a salad bar for lunch.

Teacher appreciation

This week is teacher appreciation and so we are giving our teacher a little gift each day this week. They have been pretty simple ones, found of pinterest with free printables for a couple of them. Megan loves her teachers every year and really likes giving them a gift, she askes everyday what the gift is suppose to be for the next day. I hope that her teachers know that she likes them and we appreciate the time they spend on our child.