Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm gone.....

I am Indianapolis this week for a national math conference. I know...sounds pretty dorky--but I am really excited. This is why I haven't been doing much lately--it takes a LOT of work to be gone. I had to do my parent conferences early, lesson plans, clean all the junk up in my classroom. But---I am gone now. I doubt I'll get any sight-seeing in, but hopefully I'll learn something.

I knew that I would be gathering a lot of information and hopefully free samples. This meant I needed a cute bag to store it all in. I had seen this cute bag pattern on V&Co. I went to the Gathering Place and picked out this super cute material. Okay---I didn't make it, my mom did. But, I did buy the pattern and material!!! We ended up cutting down the pattern from the original because it was quite big. But---I really love it.

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