Saturday, June 21, 2014

Giant Kerplunk

I am a problem solver. If someone tells me about a problem they are having, I immediately start thinking of ways to solve said problem. First grade was supposed to be going on a field trip to the Minidoka Dam. They were going to just let the kids run around and play, they had someone coming to speak about furs, and they would eat lunch. So--the day before they were supposed to go, their guest speaker canceled on them. I felt so bad, when she told me they would probably just come back to school early. My thought was---what are you going to do with 100 first graders when you come back to school? So---being a problem solver--I told them my brother would probably be willing to come out and talk about bees and that my sister would LOVE to bring some games for the kids to play. Nice of me, huh? So I call Merlynn and tell her she's in charge of games. She gathered what she had around and made a few new games.

I've looked at this giant Kerplunk game on Pinterest many times. We decided to go for it. After buying many different supplies, we were out back and noticed this wire laying there, so we grabbed it. Using zip ties, we tied it together to create a cylinder.

That's it!!
We used bamboo stakes to create the sticks you insert between the wire. Then we filled it with balls, and we were ready to play.
Giant-sized games are just more fun!la