Friday, June 29, 2012

Trash turned Treasures

Ashley bought this window for $1 at an estate sale and then when it was sitting waiting to be used the window got broken. It has set for awhile and I think they had plans for it but I took it and am going to hang it up in my bathroom as a mirror. We had the mirror and just had it cut to size and then glued it in with some special glue that helps to protect the mirror. I am excited, now if only I can get it hung up. This was an old picture frame that I also took from Ashley(good thing she goes to DI and estate sale so I can decorate my house. I have it hanging up and plan to change out what is in the center of it for holidays. This star was actually from the dollar store, for now it works great.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A new creative adventure

Utah Arts Festival, should we go, is it worth $10/person. We were pretty unsure if this was something we wanted to go and do and when we got there we found out it was $10 per person so we almost walked away, but then turned around and decided to try something new. All in all it was a lot of fun and a pretty cool adventure.
We made some Mad Hatter Hats, that were out of brown paper bags.
We made wands, racing glasses, and a butterfly from a coffee filter and clothes pin.
This was the coolest thing of all, these people walked on stilts and would walk up to you and take a drink out of your cup, one even touch my camera lens. Ashlynn was really scared and would stay as far back and hide the thing she was holding in her hands. It was different but we had fun doing.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Side Walk Chalk

This is another project that we tried out for Ashley. Again really easy and not really expensive because I had most everything here. Supplies included empty toilet paper rolls, water, plaster of paris, and paint (we used flourescent colors and didn't work to well). Mix the water and plaster together and then add the color. After it is set up then you add the paint for color. We put them into toilet paper rolls that had been covered at the bottom with duck tape, and lined with wax paper. We let them dry until that night but should have waited a little longer to peel off the paper. The girls still loved them, but they were not completely dry when they used them.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

This was the easiest thing ever to make. It was a bubble snake and they loved playing with it. Ashley had me try to make it so she could use it as an example for her Relief Society night. I used two empty water bottles and then cut a wash cloth into a square and put a rubber band around it to hold it in place. I cut the end off the water bottle first and then added the rest. You then dip the wash cloth into the bubble and blow and make all sorts of things. For sure a fun project that cost little to no money. The only thing I would do different next time is use a bottle that was stronger plastic.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Fun

Well, we had our Mother/Daughter Relief Society night this week. I spent a couple days getting things ready. We went with a summer theme, so I collected ideas of activites that could be done in the summer. It was kind of fun to search the Internet and Pinterest to see all the fun ideas out there. Merlynn really helped me out by letting me borrow a lot of the stuff she has and then she tried a couple of the activities out. We grilled hamburger and made homemade ice cream. I feel bad because by the time the night gets here, I am so glad when it is over. Just one of these times, I am going to get a LOT of people to come, then I will be really happy. However I don't know how I am going to make that happen:)

Table centerpieces--spray painted frames and potted plants.
I used really bright fun colors.

I'm Bored Jar

Summer Bucket list

Frisbee Tic*Tac
I just put tape on a shower curtain from the dollar strore.

Bubble Refill Station
Bubble Snakes
Giant Bubble Wands
Pen Pal Kit

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

Water Bombs

Ready to Go Picnic Baskets

Nutter Butter flip flops

Everything I did I found from various places on the Internet.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Flower pots

I saw this really cute idea last year on Positively Splendid website and had the thought that it was cute. This year she redid it and I decided it didn't look to bad and I should try it. We found the big pots at Lowe's and basically followed her directions. We sprayed them first with Thompson's Water Seal spray and then went to work painting them the colors that I picked out. They turned out pretty cute, but I would probably pick different colors if I did it again. Lets just hope that we can keep them alive for the rest of the summer.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mini S'Mores--take two

So, the other day on Brown Paper Packages, she posted about making mini s'mores. I thought they wree so cute, so I bought the stuff yesterday. I was going visiting teaching and thought the girl I go to would get a kick out of making them with her little girls. So...I packaged everything up. I had some time before I needed to go, so I decided I should try it before I took it to someone else. It was a DISASTER. Somehow half the marshmallows ended up on the bottom of the oven, and there were not many that looked like s'mores when I was finished. So---I didn't take it to her.

Well, I thought I should try it again today to see if I could get it to work---I reread what she had posted---put the chocolate chip on after you broil it----that made a huge difference. Although I put them back in the oven for a few seconds with the chocolate chip on top, just because I wanted it to melt a little.

So--it makes me wonder, how many times people try things before they put them on their blogs???