Sunday, April 17, 2011


So for the last month we have been working on our house. I had my dad come when he wasn't very busy and thought that we could do this really easy three day project. Well I was really wrong, we knocked out a wall and then we are going to add some cupboards which is really cool. Somehow this small space has seemed to run through our entire house.
During spring break we worked really hard and painted, the color we picked took about 2-3 weeks to decide on. We ended up going with grey, the question was which gray, after about 4 different samples we finally decided. I was really worried but it turned out really good.

This is the hall way by my kitchen. The picture on the cupboard doors where made by Ashley last year. On the other side we did vinyl subway art, it was a pain and took me almost an entire day to put on. I really like how it turned out though

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