Sunday, April 10, 2011

Annelise Jr. Miss

Annelise is doing the Junior Miss (which is not the name of it anymore). I helped pick out her clothes, except for her formal, which she borrowed from a friend. We thought it would be fun to take her pictures in everything. This is something she needs to remember for a long time because it has been a lot of work and taken up a lot of time.
This is the business suit. The first thing we bought. I love the
green shirt and told her if she doesn't want
to wear it after this, I will.
This picture cracks me up--it's like we were going for that wind-blown glamour look. No--just the Idaho wind blowing.
This is her formal, borrowed from a friend.

The black/silver. I had an idea with this one, but
 thenI went shopping with Steve--and we changed
the whole idea. Silver is not very easy to find either.
It probably took us at least an hour to piece together
this outfit. She wasn't even with us--she just got
what we picked out--but I think it turned
out quite cute.

I just had to put a vintage action on a picture,
it's been a while.
Merlynn--you did a great job on the pictures--crummy weather and all!!!

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  1. WOW....she looks great! Alot like her mother actually. Good luck girl!