Monday, April 25, 2011


Now--this is not my usual creative endeavor. This little project was more like---I had to do it. For our state testing to get kids revved up to do their best, we have a theme, Blast Off to Success. We had a lady that was in the teacher in space program come and talk to the kids---which she was really good. She told the kids they are like a space shuttle--and all the support they have--the base, boosters, etc. And that eventually, they have to shed all these extra things after they have been given all they can---they are the space shuttle--they are on their own. I was really impressed. Then---we went outside and launched rocket---which the teachers had to make. Me---a rocket---yeah---it was really interesting. I will say that I definitely had the most beautiful rocket and it went really high into the air--(I was surprised myself). The kids loved it!

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