Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Old Window

So, mom decided to paint her living room---I kept telling her that if she painted, she needed to a little redecorating. In her mind--that meant that I would decorate. Decorating isn't something I'm very good at and and I don't really enjoy it. I think I get too much anxiety that it might not look good. She decided to paint a brown color (if you know her---this was a big step). A while ago Merlynn convinced us to go to this "junk" sale with her. We bought a couple of old windows, picking out a really big one to use on the big wall in mom's front room. This is what is looked like.
We needed a wreath to put on it. I found this cute wreath on the the Internet. It was taking old books, and rolling them to make roses. It looked really cool. But---this was a PAIN to make. It took me hours to get all the flowers made. I took about 130-140 flowers. I am happy with how it turned out (even if I wasn't, it was going to get hung up just because it took so long.)

 This is the little shelf we made and hung up net to the window. We're going to hang one more above it. I really like how it turned out.

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