Sunday, July 24, 2011

Busy- Busy

This last week has been so busy. I forgot to write about going to Lagoon last week but we went and it was a lot of fun. Austin and Jared went with us and that was pretty cool. I rode all the big rides and love it. My dad also let me play a game in the middle of Lagoon. I kept winning and finally we got a medium size smurf. We went swimming there and that was a lot of fun.

A really scary thing happened to me this week. One night I was out walking my sheep and we had went as far as we usually go and we turned around. Well my sheep was pretty excited to get home so he took off running. I was trying to keep up but couldn't so he dragged me a little ways until my dad told me to let go of the rope. The funny part of the story is my mom was behind us and she had to reach out and catch him. I am a little scared of my sheep because I am afraid he is going to run after me know. Only one more week until the fair.

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