Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wooden Letters--Read

This is kind of an old project. One of the teachers I teach with loves all the wooden letters we do--we had done the READ for the Caring & Sharing tree we had done with the school and she loved them. She is one of the hardest people ot buy gifts for so, I decided to give her a set for Christmas. She totally loves glitter so, the first round I glittered every single letter. They were very bright and sparkly. She liked them---me--I didn't really and I was having a really hard time with that R being green. Well, at the end of the year I could tell that she wasn't so crazy about them any more, so I offered to redo them with paper. Well---here they are---I still don't love that the first letter is green--I think it's because it is the lightest color--but I really didn't want to paint the sides again (lazy).  I still have one set for myself, but I can't decide how I want mine done yet.


  1. Hi! I just came across this post and I absolutely LOVE this! I teach kindergarten and I wanted to make something like this for my classroom this year. This is perfect! I just found the exact same letters and ordered them! My only question is how did you do this with the paper? Did you glue it on and then cut it with an exacto knife? It seems like that would be hard to do with all those curves in the letters!

    1. I usually lay the letters down flat on my paper and trace around it. Then I cut the paper out. Once the paper is cut, I glue it to the wooden letter, and use sandpaper around the edges so it will fit perfectly.