Friday, July 15, 2011

Dessert Stand

I needed a really quick centerpiece for Relief Society last night that wouldn't cost me a fortune. Because I think it is fun to color coordinate everything, I had used yellow and black. I have seen the dessert stands people make on blogs for months, but never had the time to make any, or a reason. So, I swung by the dollar store, picked up the candle sticks, and white salad plates (they weren't what I really wanted, but when you wait until the last minute, you take what you can find.) I primed the candlesticks, then sprayed them turquoise. I used E600 glue to glue the candlestick to the plate. EASY!!!!! and I really, really like them.
I didn't need to put desert on these, but I was planning on using daisies, so I just put a little water in the plates, then snipped some blooms off and laid them on the plates. It was really cute (of course I forgot my camera--so I recreated it here for you.) I am really glad I got around to do this one, because I think they turned out really cute.

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