Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Photography Challenge

It seems that sometimes in life we need a boost to get us back into the groove of doing things well. For me, that is my picture taking. I get really excited about it for a while and I do great things, but then I get lax and pretty soon I'm not taking pictures very often, and when I do, they aren't that great. So, we thought we would issue a bit of a challenge here to document SUMMER in pictures. Because, really--who doesn't love summer? Every two weeks we will have a new "topic" relating to summer. During the following two weeks (or whenever), take pictures, then, if you want to e-mail them to me, I can post them here.  Now, I'm thinking it would be kind of cool to take several pictures, put them in a collage, or a mini-album or something--I don't know, just brainstorming.
So, our first topic is "Getting Ready for Summer." (I know, kind of late on this one!) What do you do to get ready for summer? So, on June 27, we'll post our pictures and then issue the next "topic." (I'm actually going to post all the topics and dates in the sidebar--so you can be planning ahead). I hope you will play along with us and document your summer and strengthen your photography skills as well.

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