Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Better Late than Never

Here is what I did to get ready to for summer this year.  We first enjoyed Melanie's graduation - which had to be held inside because it was SOOOO COLD!!  It also poured rain between the graduation and the all-night party.   So in 5 days after that I went to where it was already warm.  It was 45 degrees when we left Boise on June 1 and 58 degrees when we came back on June 7.  But it was a nice, sunny 95-100 degrees the days that we spent in San Antonio, TX!!  It was great and it helped me hang in there until summer really finally arrived in Idaho.
This is Sean and his best BMT buddy, Austin.  Wow don't they look handsome in their 'blues.' The picture below is the parade grounds where they did pass and review on Friday morning.  The flags were so cool looking. 

 After the graduation was over, we drove into San Antonio and had lunch at a restuarant on the Famous Riverwalk.  That was great and then we took the boat tour of the Riverwalk.  It is beautiful and our guide was a real entertainer.  Here are just a couple of the pics I took while we were on the boat. 

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