Sunday, June 5, 2011

Graduation Gift

So--our Relief Society president likes to give a gift to the girls in our ward graduating from high school. This is supposed to be kind of a welcome to Relief Society...)it's really not that bad) kind of thing. I had found this quote around Mother's Day and I loved it...thought it would be a good thing to give someone who is just starting out on their own, figuring out their life. So, to make it cuter, I spray painted some frames from Wal-Mart.

Then, I decided I needed something more to go with it. So, I decided to give them some tools--I figured that is something you wouldn't think about needing until you needed.  So, I bought some tools, but---I would need something to put them in--and something CUTE. So--a bag. I just used material that we already had on hand that coordinated with the frames. Well, the fun part here is that I had bought some heat transfer to try out in my Silhouette. So, I decided to personalize the bag. It was pretty easy--I only messed up once (I forgot to reverse it ---duh!!!). It cute out, I put it on the material and ironed. I think they turned out really cute.

Here are the gifts all wrapped up and ready to be delivered.

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