Friday, June 3, 2011

Jewelry Organizer

I'm not really sure I want to share some of these pictures because I'm slightly embarrassed. I have quite a few pieces of jewelry (okay---I have a LOT of necklaces). Jewelry is not a very easy to organize--- I have all my necklaces on those 3M hooks on the side of the organizer in my closet. Being the obsessively organized person that I am---they are organized by color. The problem with this is--I can't see them!! If I suck my stomach in, I can squeeze half my body in the closet to look at them.
This is a look at how they are hanging---I had to just put the
camera in the closet and push the shutter because I can't
see in it.
I've seen these cute jewelry organizer ideas several more times. I thought it would be decorative and functional. I headed to DI to find some frames, put some cup hooks in them, sprayed them brown. and hung them up.
Here are the frames hanging empty. They are hanging
between my closet doors.

Then, I pulled all of my necklaces out.....
Yes--Can you believe I have that many necklaces?
Hung them on the hooks. I think it turned out kind of fun. No--they did not all fit in these frames, so I have some still hanging in the closet. I put ones that only go with certain outfits in the closet and I am thinking that I can change them out periodically (maybe). It seems I just wear the same ones over and over.

This was a cheap, quick, and easy thing to do. I think I spent $4 for frames and eye hooks. Not bad. I actually liked the frames empty on the wall also. I could see painting frames different colors and then hanging them on a wall.

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