Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4th of July Projects

The last year or two has been really busy for me and it seems like I am always working on some project or another. I started this blog a few summers ago, with the idea that I would post something creative every day. HaHa--It was a great idea---but sometimes it's months before I post anything. Well--since it's summer, which means more free time for me, I thought I would pick back up on the idea of doing something creative every day. So, for the month of July, I'm going to try to do something creative every day and post it.

So, first project. I love the 4th of July--it's one of my favorite holidays. I've seen some really cute, fun projects around the web, so I decided to make some fun, new items.

I saw these here, and knew I had to make them. Polka dots just make everything cuter and these were Soooo easy!!! I even made one for each of the ladies I visit teach. Note: I did not make mine out of 4x4, I felt that would be way too big.

Next up--I have a slight chevron obsession, so when I saw the Wood Connection had a star painted chevron, I knew I needed to make it. Well, I could never get to the store to buy it, so I had to make my own star pattern. That was a little hard, and truthfully, I don't really love it. It turned out okay, so I don't know that I will keep it forever. But, it's cute for now.

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  1. Since you need a project for everyday I can find you somethings