Saturday, July 19, 2014

Photo Booth Props...that last

I've done several photo booths over the past year. They are so much fun to do and who doesn't love a little prop that makes it okay to look and act cheesy in a picture. The one problem I have with photo booths are that the props don't last. That's a great thing if you are never going to do one again, but if you have a booth frequently, you have to cut the props out again and again. I've been afraid to laminate the props for feat they would give a glare in the picture.
Well, as I'm cutting out props the night before our 5th grade party, I have a brilliant idea!!! Cut them out of wood. BrIlLiAnT!!! I actually had a moustache and pair of glasses from the Wood Connection and those props seemed to get used most, so I thought why not cut them all out of wood?  Okay--it was like 9:00 at night when I had this epiphany, so I cut some shapes with my Silhouette and sent my mother to cut them out.
 I grabbed the spray paint I had on hand and started spraying in the little light that was left. But, I managed to get everything sprayed (barely), and used pieces of dowel left over from other projects for the handles.  The best part--I'm ready for a photo booth anytime.

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