Friday, July 18, 2014

Gift Bag Wow!

Need something to dress up a gift bag?
I bought these cute chevron gift bags at Michael's a while ago because they were so cute.
For a Young Women's activity, we did a hygiene and beauty night. We decided to give the girls some little goodies. Well--I thought I had clear bags to put them in--but realized a couple hours before--I didn't. But, I did have these cute gift bags and they worked perfectly. I felt like they needed a little something more though.
I decided to create this cute little printable to help remind the girls that the best way to be beautiful is to be yourself. It serves two purposes--it broke up all that chevron, AND...they can take it off and put it somewhere as reminder.
It really made the bag go from cute pattern, to CuTe!!! I bet there's a great gift inside.
It's all in the packaging!!

If you can use this tag, here you go..
Be*You*Tiful printable

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