Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Organizing Pinterest Boards

My Pinterest Boards have been driving me crazy lately. I can't seem to ever find what I'm looking for. So, I decided to organize them. Yep--I organize everything--and it makes me hApPy!

Last summer, I decided to put the boards I access most frequently at the top of my Pinterest page. It was a great idea, but I usually ended up scrolling through everything looking for what I wanted. So--I decided to alphabetize everything.  Now, I just have to remember the name of the board..haha!
It was a little bit of a pain to alphabetize them. To change the order of your boards, you just drag the board, and drop it where you would like it to be. Pretty easy, just time consuming when you have 65 boards.

The next thing I wanted to do was make my boards look nicer. Some of the pins I have as the board cover look okay, but some don't, and I've never really took the time to choose pins as the board cover. I've seen a few Pinterest boards that had custom board covers. Having everything look uniform and nice and neat---that sounded right up my alley. So, I searched around a little to find the measurements. Pinterest Cheat Sheet to Image Sizes This neat little sight tells you the dimensions for all things Pinterest.
Once I had the dimensions, I created a board cover in Photoshop, but, PowerPoint would work as well. Then the fun began.

In order for these files to become my Board covers, I needed to pin them. I didn't really want to flood my Pinterest feed with these pictures, I created a secret board title Pinterest Board Covers. I then uploaded each picture to this board. The great thing about secret boards? Nobody sees them but you!!

Now I needed to edit the Pin. To do this, I clicked on the pencil. Then I had to change the Pinterest Board. In the example below, I changed it to Gifts.  Once you click SAVE CHANGES, it will ask you if you're sure. You are DEFINITLEY SURE:)
Now to actually get the cover changed, hover over the middle of that particular board and you will see Change Cover appear. Click on that.
Using the arrows, you can scroll through your pins. Once you've found the pin you want to use as a board cover, click SAVE CHANGES.
 Now you will have an organized, uniform Pinterest Board. Now, I'm working on going through all the pins I have. Who really uses over 2,000 pins? It's been going to go through and purge each board. I've found pins I really want to do still and other pins make me laugh and wonder what I was thinking.

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