Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Tote" ally excited for a new year.

I am really trying to stay organized this summer and not leave everything I need to get done until the last minute...truthfully I feel a little panicky about the beginning of the school year already. I have known for a couple months that I would be getting a new teaching partner, this week I learned I will be getting two new teachers on my team (there are only 3 of us). That has me a little anxious. I know how anxious they will be with all the changes and challenges we face this year, so I wanted to have something to give them when we have our first meeting.

I bought these cute reusable bags at Office Depot for $0.97. Inside I am putting a teacher binder to put all the important papers, data, etc. in. This is SOOOO nice to have because you don't have to wonder where you put that schedule or the data you need for a meeting. I also made a fire drill clipboard, which we are required to take when we have a drill. On one side it says everyone is accounted for, the other indicates you have an emergency. I am also throwing in some cute paper clips, sticky notes, and pens.

To finish it off I made a tag with a cheesy saying.

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