Monday, July 15, 2013

Odds N Ends

This last weekend I decided it was time to finish up some projects that have been sitting around. We'll start with the one I liked the most. I bought this kit from the Wood Connection probably about a year ago...I was going to use it for a craft project in Relief Society, but I didn't need to worry about that anymore, so it's just sat there. It was SOOO easy, but turned out pretty cute.

This guy---he's just plain scary and ugly. Another Wood Connection purchase--I got him on sale. Not too excited about him though--but it's a finished project.
 Remember the crayon monograms from a couple summers ago? This is for our computer teacher. On a sad note: we have many teachers who do not have the crayon monogram outside their classrooms because we've had quite a few changes over the years. The monograms are something that ALWAYS get commented on by visitors to the school. However...I still remember clearly what a pain they were, so I have not volunteered to make all the new teachers one:(
 I am changing my classroom up a little bit...I am so excited. Going with a lime green/turquoise. This is just one set that needed a little redo. LOVE the buckets for supplies---It means I don't have to see the jumbled mess inside. I started setting my room up today, can't wait to have it finished.

I think I am beginning to get a little panicked about summer being over and all that I need to get done and all that awaits me for the new school year...So I am pushing hard to get stuff DONE.

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