Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Globe Makeover

A while ago, on Pinterest, I saw some really cool globes that people were making over. I fell in love with the ones painted with chalkboard paint. I wanted to do it...but I couldn't bring myself to paint over my classroom globe, which I had to purchase myself. Every once in a while I would see a globe sitting in a classroom, and want to ask the teacher if I could have it. the end of the school year it was clean out time---iPads make some things not as necessary...globes being one of them, so I snatched a few. Frankly, they were so old and out of date, I'm not sure WHY we were hanging on to them. So...
First, I primed it...
Then I sprayed it with chalkboard paint. My original intentions were to write on it with chalk:)
I chickened out of the chalk theory because I was afraid it would always look messy. Instead, I cut this quote (one of my favorites) out of vinyl. It was a little tricky getting it on a round object. But--wow it looks sooo good.