Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scrapbook room makeover

I am finally posting. We have been pretty busy at my house redoing a couple of rooms. It seems like once you start one room it somehow goes to another room. First up was my scrapbook room, when we first moved to this house I thought I was picking the perfect color to paint, but it turned out to be far from the perfect color. Even though it was a nasty color I never redid the paint job, it just stayed until now.
I decided that I wanted to paint the room a dark grey color, these are the samples of the color that I choose from, and that is the ugly color of the room before we painted. I picked the lighter one it is called Evening Hush by Behr. It was pretty dark but it looked a lot better than the green. Next up was redoing the flooring, we pick a vinyl that you just had to cut and lay down, it is pretty dark also. After we were done painting and putting the floor in we did a new desk, all white, and it looks really cool. Then came the part that I am no good at, picking everything else to decorate. Ashley was helping and we decided that we should try and put a door in it but, not sure how to work it. We went to Utah for some shopping and found this material for the colors of the room.
So first thing we did was find my yellow door that I did for grandma's 90th Birthday, I put it in the room and then looked around for things that would work with it.
I took the crates out of my bathroom and added the basket that I had around my house. My mom made the lining from the material. It turned out pretty cute. I am still looking for that perfect thing for the top of it but for now it is working.

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  1. I'm jealous. I really like the colors and LOVE the door. I want to bring mine in, but...I have to make room for it first! How sad is that?