Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snowman Stitching

Prepare to be impressed!!! Those of you that know me, know that I LOVE to find projects for my mother to do. We could just say she's been busy doing things for me the past couple of weeks (months?) Just as an aside: I was given Teacher of the Year last month for our building. One of the teachers I teach with told me a couple of weeks later that my mom needed to be given the award too because she does so much for me. It is very true: she does so MUCH for me. Anyway...she's too busy with another project to do something I needed done I had to do it myself. I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself because I did this little stitching completely by myself....even putting it in the frame. I think you could say this is my gift of choice this year...I am putting the stitching with a book called, A Snowman named Just Bob. I'm giving this to a parent who does a lot of copying for us, the sign language interpreter/aid that is in my classroom this year, and a couple of the people I go visiting teaching to. Now, we'll see if I actually stitch them all myself.

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  1. I am IMPRESSED! Way to the way. I was out on a job today with a contractor, and when I asked how old his kids were, he told me his oldest was 11...goes to Paul. I said, Well, does she know Miss Johnson? OMG...for the next five minutes I heard how wonderful you are and how much she loves you!...that's awesome. And I got to claim you as my niece!!!! I love taking credit for things...even when I have nothing to do with it!