Friday, December 17, 2010

Hooray!!! School is out!! I have so much I want to be able to do in the next two weeks. (Which, I am sure is all wishful thinking). I thought I would share a few things that I had done at school that were creative.
My wonderful mother made each student in my class a hat (thanks to inspiration from Aunt Lois). I was a little worried they would think that was lame, but some of them put them on immediately. It made me feel so good when we were playing a little game and the boys all had their hats on. (They boys seemed more thrilled with them than the girls, which surprised me)

Then, I had used a metal stamp set to stamp each child's name into a washer. I put a keychain ring and then a zipper pull thingy on it. These were a big hit--again, I was alittle worried---you never know what 5th graders will think is stupid. One of my very brightest students came up to me and said "HOW did you do that?"  Yeah---it was a good thing.

These trees are what the kids made for their parents. As a fifth grade, for the last three years we have done these. They turn out really cute and are quite simple (still takes time with 11 year olds). But, I always love them when they are done. more stuff for school for a few days.

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  1. Way too creative. The hats look awesome. Love all the colors, and I'll bet the kids liked them. Everyone I've given them to certainly does anyway. least they act like it for my benefit.