Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Oreo Suckers

So, I went visiting teaching this week---I know, it's only the 20th and I'm done!!! I go to a couple of sisters who have small kids, so I like to take them a little something fun, especially at holidays. So, I made some more of the dipped oreo suckers. I actually think it worked out a lot better the first time. I threw in some orange, just to give it color. Then, I put them in a wooden block. I think they turned out really cute. (sorry for the poor picture, I forgot to take one at home, so I had to use my camera at school). It was a good think I had them because at one of the houses, the little seven year old said...Hey, did you know yesterday was my birthday?....Um, of course I did, that's why I brought you this Halloween treat!!  She was really cute...and totally believed me. When I left she was trying to decide which one she was going to eat first.

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