Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Blog Challenge

Okay---this is probably so stupid, but I really thought they were cute (the idea is from eighteen25). And easy!!! They have been a real pain in the behind. I went to DI--bought three frames $3----slight problem, they didn't have the standy-up things on the back---which I discover after I spray painted them at 10 at night--in the dark. So, I go to Wal-Mart---buy three new frames---you can't take the back completely out, which is necessary to put the paper in front of the glass. Plan C---I scrounged around the house until I could find three frames---more spray painting.  I then glued the letters on, but when I put one of them down, I set it slightly on another one so when I came back an hour later---it had slid and was not on straight, so I had to rip it off, cut a new piece of paper, and glue it again. Yeah---could I have made such a simple craft any harder??? Really.


  1. Those are way cute....I'm going to have to make some. Your projects turn out like!