Friday, October 1, 2010


This all started out with a really cute idea that I saw I think off of How Does She. I knew that I wanted a fall wreath and thought that I could make it work. It is nothing like what they did but I think it turned out pretty cute. I used a straw wreath and then Halloween cupcake liners. I turned the liners inside out and the kind of smashed them into what looked like flowers and glued them on the wreath. I think that it worked pretty good.

After I was done I hung it on my outside door but it didn't look that great so I moved them to the table and hung it just above. I added the plate with a small pumpkin on it and it turned out really cute. I had the jars and they are filled with pumpkins, pinecones and the orange little pebbles. On the other side is a fall picture that I took last year with a couple of candles. The wreath really gave it the finished looked that I was looking for.

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  1. Love the whole display...I need to get my stuff out and do something creative. So far, I just haven't taken the time to drag it all out...maybe this weekend. Love the wreath. I think I saw that on a blog somewhere too. Who thinks up these things?