Monday, July 12, 2010

..this is a process

This is the start of the birthday cake mixes for teacher appreciation. I cut all of the paper yesterday and scored it during school today, so tonight when I sat to put the paper on it went pretty fast. This is just a little more than half of them. They still need quite a bit of work, but I just want to get them all finished so I don't have to go back and do more later in the year.


  1. Looking good. Keep up the good work. I better go buy a really big tote

  2. WOW...are you putting the test tubes of sprinkles and things on the inside like you did the one for the auction last year? Are you ordering a bunch? I see on the website of that lady, that you can get 48...or something. If you're ordering, I'd sure like to order with you. I think this would be such cute "little" gifts for ladies here at work, friends, showers, etc....