Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ice Cream Sundae Basket

One of the people I go visiting teaching to has a birthday on Tuesday. Her husband is not a member and I can imagine how hard it must be for her to come to church. She has two of the cutest little girls. I like taking little things to her and her girls. So, I made a little ice cream sundae kit. I bought some really bright and fun bowls at Target, an ice cream scoop, I put fabric on the top of the fudge and strawberry jars. For the toppings, I used baby food jars, which I spray painted the lids (I would not be an expert on spray painting). I cleaned out a really small Haagen Das ice cream container, wrapped paper around it and I'm putting in a couple bucks to buy ice cream. Then I put it all in a basket. I bought enough stuff to make one for the auction also.


  1. Love this idea. How cute and fun. I'll bet the lady and her daughters just loved it.
    Good idea for reusing stuff too!

  2. Oh I am so going to copy this. I even have coupons for Smuckers topping I am going to get tomorrow with doubles!