Friday, December 20, 2013

Classroom Treats

This year for Ashlynn's class I did a pretty easy and cute treat. I have seen on Pinterest a snowman from a white syrofoam cute and I thought they were pretty cute. I bought the cups but then couldn't find the lids anywhere unless I ordered them. Well the other day when we were in Target I found these red Solo cups with lids. We talked about it and decided that I could do a Santa instead of a snowman.
I used Black electrical tape for the belt, and then a square punch for the buckle. I think they turned out pretty cute. I did run into one problem while I was working on them, half the box was green cups. I thought I guess you could do a Christmas tree, but Ashley said the grinch or an elf. I decided that would work and the green ones are just as cute as the red ones.
These cups were small and perfect for the first grade. Inside I put a small container of Play Doh, eraser, and a couple of pieces of candy. Ashlynn loved them and I am sure so will the kids in her class.

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