Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Caring & Sharing 2013

This year, one of the ladies I worked with wanted our students to do a tree for Caring & Sharing again. I love to do trees for this, but it is always so hard to find ornaments that are cute and that kids can make without too much help. This trees was a little nerve-wracking. We had some really great ideas, but we weren't sure how it was going to turn out. We had a few mishaps along the way, and I had a group of girls that leaned a lesson on taking your time when doing crafts, but everything got fixed and I loved how the tree turned out. One of the best that we've done. The other teacher liked it so much, she bought it.
OH---what a cute chair---I still love how great it turned out.

This is what we donated from the Stapelman family. We made a really cute rag quilt. We wrapped a book for each day of December. It turned out pretty cute too.

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  1. I loved your tree, and I really loved the idea of the books. You always do a great job!