Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chevron Stockings

I have been struggling to come with something to give my students this year. I've always had my mom crochet hats, but the kids don't seem to love them like they did a couple of years ago. I hate giving my students stuff that they are going to just throw in the garbage--I prefer something that they will actually use. Well--those kind of ideas are hard to come up with. Last Saturday I knew I just had to decide. I'd seen an idea on a teacher's blog, that the kids made stocking and they were writing kind notes to everyone in the class. The teacher then put the notes inside the stocking. Great idea--but sometimes those type of activities don't turn out too well.

But--I needed to do something. So--I bought some material to make stockings (for my mom to make:) I have a little bit of a chevron obsession---so I thought it would be cute to do chevron stockings. They turned out SOOOO good. My awesome mom whipped them out (22 stockings) in one day. I cut the monogram letters out on my Silhouette using iron-on fabric interfacing.

I love them so much I hurried to school this morning to hang them in the windows.I am going to have the kids draw two names of other students and write them a nice note to put inside. I have some miscellaneous school supplies to put in them on Friday, and might even do an orange to get them a little bit fuller. Next year I might do it again and put them up earlier and have them write a note to each student.
 the kids were pretty excited to see them. They wanted to know what they were for and they are very concerned about knowing which one belongs to which student, as I have several repeat letters.

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  1. Way cute...can I please be adopted by your mother?