Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Headband

So-spending several days in a hospital sitting around brings on boredom--definitely. It also provides plenty of Internet cruising--blogs, Pinterest. Which all means finding ideas of things to create. UCreate had this cute headband the other day and we decided it was something we could make while we were sitting down. So, on one of our hospital breaks, we went to JoAnns and rounded up the supplies---glue gun and scissors too. The funny thing is, we didn't do it until the last night (as we waited to see if our hotel room smell would get under control). Side Story: We came back to the hotel room after being gone for 10 hours and it smelled as if someone had just left after smoking---it was AWFUL. They sprayed some odor neutralizer--but we had to switch rooms.

We started the project in the hotel lobby--next to the fireplace. There are three different types of flowers and I put some metallic silver netting in it for fun. We'll have to add a picture of it actually in someone's hair. It was good to have something else to think about for a while and we've decided we need an emergency craft kit in the car.

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  1. That is way cute. Love the red flowers....felt?