Friday, September 7, 2012

Paint Color

Like I said the paint colors came from the skirt that she loved to wear. I knew that I would like to paint her room turquoise but I didn't really know what her comforter would look like. So first thing we did was actually pick out the bedding, we bought it at Target. I then went to Pro Paint and had them match the color and they had this really cool tool that they stamped on the skirt and then it told them which one was closes to the color from there I picked the one I liked best. I really like how this turned out but I should mention here that I wanted to paint the closet white. I didn't feel like investing a lot more in to the room but I did as I was told and went with the pink and I am so glad I did, it really added a ton to the room. Another thing of importance is that we had only one week to get this done and that was the week of fair so not only were we redoing a bedroom, but Megan was busy with her sheep at the fair. We also got rid of the ugly green carpet, that was also worth the investment.

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  1. Merlynn I am still waiting for pictures of that closet.