Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Project

I have decided that when ever I want to do a project if I am going to tell Ashley and Steve I better plan on it being bigger than what I had in mind. This is one of those projects, I was just going to paint the wall and add a closet organizer, and it turned into much more than that. This is the closet with everything shoved in it anywhere. I might add that this is Ashlynn's room and she can't seem to keep it very clean. I decided that if we added a few nice things it would help give her a place for everything. This is the nice ugly green carpet and the wall color that we originally painted when we moved into the house. On top of this nice look, imagine popcorn ceiling. These are the colors that I picked for the room, found from a skirt that she wears all the time. I actually took this skirt into Propaint and had them match the color.

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