Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Train Car

......I can't even begin to convey how exhausted I am. I forget every year how hard it is to teach school. It takes at least a month before I feel human again I am SOOO tired. However, I am pretty pleased with my class this year. We are getting used to each other--I think they are still afraid of me (which is a good thing). I am definitely going to have to work harder than I did last year--but that's okay. I'm putting in a lot of time helping our new teacher and keeping all the computers running in the school. But---if one more person gets me to their room and I find something isn't plugged in---or the flip on the power strip is turned off---I just might scream.

Anyway...This totally deserves to be seen. Our theme this year is "Ride the Learning Train" ----horrible theme---what the heck do you do??  Me?? I have the most awesome brother-in-law who always pulls through for me and comes up with great ideas. So---we have a very authentic train car. This little thing (it's really big) took hours to make. But---it is SOOO COOL---you really need to see it in person to get the true effect. We used to graffiti to write every student's name. Let me tell you---they think it is awesome. Every day they ask me if I did all that (I don't really answer that question). 

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