Sunday, September 4, 2011

End of Summer

I am sad that summer is gone but also happy that it is over. My kids need the routine, it seems like things go smoother when school is going. We have done a lot to get ready for the end of summer. Now we will start, dance and piano along with school, and both girls can't wait.

School supplies, I love looking at these and finding new interesting things that have come out.

Canning, I usually go to my moms house and help her can, so far we have done beans, applesauce and some Apricots. Still a lot more to do. There is a funny story with the beans. I had Megan and Ashlynn help and Megan said why do we have to snap the beans. I told her because that is what I did when I was little was help and her reply back was, Well you grew up old fashioned.

Getting ready for cold lunch. This year I made a drawer with different food, snacks and drinks so it is all together. Hopefully this will make lunch making easier and faster.

Getting good back to school pictures is really a lot of fun. This year I add a sign that said what grade they were in. It was pretty much impossible to get a good one of Ashlynn without her cheesy smile but I did get some good ones of Megan.

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