Saturday, August 6, 2011

Refinished Chair

I went to an estate sale a couple weeks ago with Merlynn. (okay---they should have just called it a big garage sale). They had several different chairs, and we have talked about getting a cute chair to use to take pictures. Well, I saw this chair. (Isn't it lovely?) I liked how it was lower to the ground, and the little bit fancier legs and stuff. I could see a little bit of potential---and, it was only $12---so, we bought it.

I got it home, looked at it and decided I was crazy. Luckily, mom was kind of into redoing this chair. I have a tendency to get really excited about a project and then when it doesn't all work out like I had dreamed---I lose interest. The chair didn't end up being very solid---it had already been fixed a few times. Luckily, dad helped with that a little. We actually took the chair out for a test run on pictures and Merlynn said it worked pretty well

I spray painted all the wood black (using my new spray handle!!!)
We decided that we needed to make it functional for everyday use as well. Since I am trying to spice up my
classroom a little, I decided I could use it in my reading corner. So, when we were at Hancock's, we saw this fun zebra-ish print and thought that would be cool. is the refinished chair. Hopefully it will look alright in my classroom. We're going to have to try it with pictures and the new fabric now. Honestly, I was impressed, The fabric cost me $14, with the chair, that's a total of $25---not too bad.

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