Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School Night treat

Instead of having Back-to-School night a couple weeks after school, we are having it before school starts this year. I thought it would be fun to have something for the students when they come. Merlynn had these Fun Dips she had bought after Halloween last year (sugar doesn't expire---right?). So, I came up with a completely cheesy little saying. But--they probably won't read it anyway.
I am attaching an editable PPT file for those who would like to download and use this. I had to recreate it, so it looks a little different than the picture.
Fun Dip tag-editable. Let me know if it doesn't work.


  1. That's not so cheesy...I'll bet they will be thrilled and excited to come into your classroom. Who wouldn't be?

  2. I love this idea. Would you be willing to share your little tag in an editable format?

    1. I have put a link to the editable tag above. Let me know if it doesn't work.