Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quilt No. 1

There is kind of a funny story with this quilt. I had this idea of making a quilt for the aide I have had in my classroom this year for a deaf student. She has done SOOOO much for me. So, I wanted to get her something at the end of the year. I thought it would be cute to make a quilt and let the kids tie it (they really love her).  So, I bought this funky, fun material at Wal-Mart. Mom sewed it up---it was HORRIBLE!!!!! (of course, I deleted the picture of my camera). It was truly the ugliest quilt I have ever put together. So, mom took it apart and made it into a smaller quilt, which we gave to Aubrie for her birthday.

So, I went to the store again... on a quest for some cute material-----which has not been easy to find lately. I settled on this, orange and turquoise, and I was really nervous about it. We decided instead of tying the quilt, to do a rag (because it would be cheaper). This meant, in order for the students to be involved, they would have to sew on the muslin square. Mom assured me they would be able to do it. I was VERY reluctant. Imagine---sewing---25 needles---25 needy, whiny, needy students sewing---at the same time!!!! Yeah---I was not very excited to do it!!! I have to say--it wasn't all that bad and the kids did okay---the top of the square look really good, but the bottoms definitely give it character. They actually liked doing it, a lot because they love her so much. I think it turned out really CUTE!!! I'm putting it in a fun basket with picnic style treats. I hope she likes it.

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