Thursday, September 23, 2010

School Creativity

Wow!! It has been a crazy five weeks of school. Just this week, which is week 5, I actually feel like I am organized and know what is going on. I am happy to say that I don't have any piles of "stuff" to put away in my classroom and I am hoping (fingers crossed) that I won't have to spend 4 hours at school on Saturday this weekend. Along with all the normal start of school stuff, I am the technology person in my building---that means I have to fix all the computers ( I think somebody failed to mention that I know NOTHING about computers)---but I think they are all working this week.
So, I haven't been totally uncreative---we've had a little creativity going on in the class room. The first day of school I have my students draw a picture of themselves, then we make a frame out of black construction paper. This equals the decoration on the back of my classroom wall all year long---and we never get tired of looking at them.

These are our color wheels---this is one of my very favorite art projects. The first week, we take the three primary colors and mix them to create a color wheel (twelve colors). It is always fascinating to them how they can make all these colors out of just three. The second week I mix the twelve colors of paint and they paint twelve different cards. The third week, they take their painted cards and cut a shape out of the cards, arranging them in the color wheel.

This is a vinyl saying and three frames that I put up in my classroom this year. Don't you love that too big of a space between the words---I need to fix that.

(Don't mind the really poor pictures)

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  1. I don't remember ever having a teacher that did such fun favorite was one that read a chapter from a book after lunch everyday...I don't really think that counts as creative...but I did really like it.